Parenting "Sense"ibly

Part 1

Helping your child manage their emotions

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What you will learn:

  • Get to the root of challenging behaviors
  • Take a deep dive to uncover what’s going on beneath the surface of your child’s troubling behaviors
  • Learn to co-regulate and improve self regulation in both you and your child
  • Learn how to manage meltdowns and temper tantrums
  • Experience the magic and power of repair

Course Details:

Three 1 ½  hour sessions
Q&A time in each session
Recordings will be available during the course and one week following the completion of the course.

Session 1: Monday, May 13

  • Course layout
  • Learning to shift our paradigms when it comes to challenging behaviors
  • Digging deep to uncover what may be the real culprit underlying the behavior

Session 2: Thursday, May 16

  • Learning how the nervous system registers stress
  • The difference between bottom up and top down behaviors
  • Tantrums dealing with emotional outbursts and challenging parenting moments

Session 3: Monday, May 20

  • Learning to attune to your child and yourself
  • Learn importance of self care
  • What if I messed up
  • Power of repair

Use code ‘EARLYBIRD’ to get this course at an early bird rate of $229 when signing up before May 1st, 2024.

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“I thought the course was very clear and easy to follow with extremely helpful skills. The instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable her passion for helping children really showed through!”      

“Ricki is a dedicated professional with a unique and multi-faceted approach, making her truly good at what she does.”

Debmitzer (27)