Therapy for Children & Teens

You’re in safe hands when you bring your child or teen to IncredAbilities.

From our initial call, you’ll feel listened to and supported right through to the day you finish your program.

Who do we serve?

Our therapists are here to help any child between the ages of 0 and 21, who is struggling with independence and function in any aspect of their daily life. Most of the kids in our practice come from regular education schools and are considered “neurotypical” but are having difficulty thriving in their daily functioning at home or in school due to a range of difficulties or deficits. 

Some of the children we work with have an existing diagnosis, or a developmental disability. We also treat individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder, Attention issues/ ADHD, learning difficulties, Executive Function difficulties, Anxiety Disorders and much more…

Whether your child is having difficulty in the classroom, home, or with their own self-care activities, (such as dressing themselves), we are here to help.

How do I know if my child has sensory issues?

Sensory sensitivities can express themselves in a variety of ways and can often be confusing to diagnose. Some children may over and under respond to the same sense or over register one sense and under register a different sense. This may lead to avoidance or sensory seeking behaviors that may be disrupting the child’s daily life and functioning. Navigating this can be frustrating and confusing as a parent. Some examples of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) could be displaying auditory sensitivities such as difficulty with loud noises or avoiding crowds or generally being over-stimulated by their environment. Often kids with SPD avoid transitions and have frequent tantrums or are irritable. Some may display food or clothing texture sensitivities (tactile sense), social issues, movement challenges (either seeking or avoiding movement), poor attention span, and even visual sensitivities. A child may even experience “shut down” which is a more extreme version of sensory overstimulation.

We treat the whole person - you’ll feel the difference from the moment you walk in.

We get it. We make it our goal to really get to know your child, and to understand the root of the problem they are experiencing. Then, we create a treatment plan with clearly measured goals and craft a creative and engaging treatment approach.

We integrate the whole family, as well as any teachers, caregivers, or other professionals involved. And as professionals ourselves, we are constantly engaging in continuing education. 

We’ve a state-of-the-art sensory gym with suspended equipment and tactile tools, and every tool we need to work on sensory integration – it’s even got a special glow in the dark carpet room! 

Of course, our best attribute by far is our incredible team, carefully chosen by Ricki to bring the perfect balance of expert skill and knowledge and caring, warm personality.

Your child will not be bored or stressed when they are working with us - they will be having so much fun that they will hardly notice all the new skills they are learning!

Call today to find out how we can help your child achieve the goals they deserve.