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How long will therapy take?

Every child is unique and when working with the brain and making lasting changes, patience is key. Some children improve rapidly but in order to ensure lasting change we often recommend they continue to receive therapy for a bit longer to maintain their newly acquired skills and fine tune them. Some children’s progress takes longer and may take more time to affect changes in the brain, but even in these cases the children are beginning to make small and steady improvements in the process of therapy and the parent can monitor and see their changes, so they are motivated to continue. Changing the brain doesn’t happen overnight but parents are reassured by our dedication and efforts towards reaching their child’s goals.

How soon will I see changes?

This depends on each child but often parents report positive changes within the first few days to weeks of starting therapy.

How often are the sessions?

Most children come in once or twice a week for 45 minute sessions. Some sessions may be 30 minutes or even an hour if that works best for the child. In some instances, a child may come in three times a week. Many kids come in for one or more types of therapy in which case we provide a team approach with multidisciplinary input.

Do I need to be present for the sessions?

This depends on the particular child. We encourage parental participation and more often than not, prefer when the parent either participates or observes the session. In some cases, this arrangement isn’t working for the child and then we’ll recommend that the parent observe the session from our iPad live video set up or if they prefer they can drop them off but some carry over and communication is vital to the child’s success.

Why does my child need a home program?

In order to affect lasting changes in the brain, repetition is very crucial. We therefore set up customized home programs based on each child’s unique goals in order to “rewire” the child’s brain to provide the quickest and most lasting success. We believe that “neurons that fire together wire together” and home programs demonstrate this principle and the results show.

How do we track progress?

While working with the clients, we consistently refer back to the original evaluation goals in order to accomplish them. After several weeks in therapy, the therapist will go over the goals with the client or parent to track progress and make revisions when necessary. Standardized testing is sometimes administered again to compare scoring to original evaluation results if requested, but this is usually an additional fee.

What do you accept for payment?

We accept credit card, check, cash and quick pay.

What are your payment policies?

We require payment at each session.

Do you take insurance?

IncredAbilities does not accept insurance, however depending on your insurance plan and benefits you may eligible for reimbursement for services used outside of your network. We provide receipts and necessary codes for you to submit to your insurance company. 

If the child has more significant delays they may be eligible for funds from Bridge to Healing Foundation or First Hand Foundation. In addition, you can request a gap exception from your insurance company. A network gap exception is a way that health insurance companies sometimes compensate for out of network providers while paying the lower cost of an in network provider. 

Your child will not be bored or stressed when they are working with us - they will be having so much fun that they will hardly notice all the new skills they are learning!

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