Parenting “Sense” ibly

Parenting Webinar
by Ricki Dembitzer, MS,OTR/L


We all have hopes and aspirations as parents, but in reality parenting is a lot harder than we ever imagined. Sleepless nights, challenging behaviors, and external stressors at work or in the family, all make parenting a relentless, 24/7 job with little or no days off.

What if I told you I’m here to offer a dramatic new paradigm shift in how we view challenging behaviors and moments?

Introducing: Parenting "Sense"ibly

Course 1 - Helping your child manage their emotions

What you will learn:

  • Get to the root of challenging behaviors
  • Take a deep dive to uncover what’s going on beneath the surface of your child’s troubling behaviors
  • Learn to co-regulate and improve self regulation in both you and your child
  • Learn how to manage meltdowns and temper tantrums
  • Experience the magic and power of repair

Course Details:

Three 1 ½  hour sessions
Q&A time in each session
Recordings will be available during the course and one week following the completion of the course.

Session 1: Monday, May 13

  • Course layout
  • Learning to shift our paradigms when it comes to challenging behaviors
  • Digging deep to uncover what may be the real culprit underlying the behavior

Session 2: Thursday, May 16

  • Learning how the nervous system registers stress
  • The difference between bottom up and top down behaviors
  • Tantrums dealing with emotional outbursts and challenging parenting moments

Session 3: Monday, May 20

  • Learning to attune to your child and yourself
  • Learn importance of self care
  • What if I messed up
  • Power of repair



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Course 2: 
Understanding all 8 senses and how they affect our children’s moods and behaviors

Discover the power and potential that channeling your child’s senses can have. 


EARLY BIRD $149 until May 6th!

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About Ricki:

Over the last 24 years I’ve been working with children, teens, and adults, and have learned a lot along the way. In addition, I have 5 children ranging in age from elementary school to adulthood. I bring my 23 years of clinical expertise, as well as my practical knowledge as a long-time parent, coupled with thousands of hours of continuing education, and a passion to help others learn, so we can be the parents we all want to be.


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